Frequently asked questions about fencing

Q: How long will my fence take to build?

A: On average we can construct 8 fencing bays, which is around 15 metres, per day.


Q: Why does my fencing rise up slightly in each section and can I have mine level?

A: If the ground is on a gradient then each fencing bay gets levelled to the specific point of the gradient giving slight increases or decreases to each bay. Depending on the gradient it may be possible to have it level by using more gravel boards and longer posts to achieve this effect.


Q: We have seen a panel style that is not on your website, could we have that style please?

A: If you let me know which exact panel you would like, I can adjust the price accordingly.


Q: I currently have conifers where I want my fence to go?

A: Please fill in our contact form and preferably add one or more photos, so I can get back to you with a personalised quote.


Q: Will you remove my existing fencing waste?

A: Yes, we will take any existing fencing away with us, free of charge.

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